What I know about writing is….

What I know about writing is from many years ago.  I had a great high school english teacher who I admired and looked up to.  Her name is Jean Foust.  She was hard and somewhat demanding but she also taught more than English.  She taught responsiblity, character, and accountability.  She made you think even if you didn’t want to.  I was a good student and made A’s in her class.  I often wrote about things I cared about instead of specific or given topics.  Every morning she would have a quote on the the board and we would have to write a one page paper about what the quote meant to us or applied to our lives etc.  I still have that journal somewhere.   We had to write a research paper in her class in order to graduate.  I don’t remember the length of the paper, but I know it very time demanding and took months to work on.  My paper was about abused women, which 20 years ago was not such a public topic. I was a graduatiang senior who had previously been in a bit of an abusive relationship and was engaged to my husband when I wrote the paper.  I learned a lot from the hours of research.  I made an A on it and I felt very proud of it. 

 I have never blogged before. I have always wrote in notebooks and journals.  I use to write poetry and songs but that was many years ago.  I know that writing is not a simple process and that translating our thoughts from our minds to paper or keyboard is difficult.  My writing can sometimes get off subject or to in-detail.  My southern dialect is often hard to understand or misconstrued.  I don’t speak proper English nor do I write perfectly.  I feel that writing doesn’t have to be perfect.  It is a captured moment in time of our emotions, moods, feelings, or thoughts.  My writing skills are pretty good I think.  They are far from perfect and I know that I can improve.  My biggest problem is citing references.  It’s not that I don’t want to give the credit, but that every kind cited differently.  I alway forget something or put a comma in the wrong place, etc.  I hope that with time I will become more accustom to writing through a computer instead of on paper. This does make me feel my age ugh!

Honey Stivers


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