Time management in the online world…

Funny how time works, isn’t it? When your doing something you really enjoy or when your out having the best time ever, the time sure does fly. But a dreaded work day, school day, or sick day and the time seems to crawl.
Online time is a big problem for a lot of today’s society. I know that minutes can turn into several hours very quickly. You get on Facebook just to check one or two people and hours later you are still on there catching up on the latest news or trend.
Teenagers spend countless hours on their phones and the majority of it, is not talking to someone. It’s spent viewing videos, face timing, instagramming, etc. Some are so addicted that they cannot make it through a 24 hr period without it and even get online while driving.
In order to manage your time more efficiently and safely there are apps you can get free of charge to monitor usage. AT&T has one out that will send an automatic message to anyone who texts you that you are driving and can’t talk at the moment. When you are available and safely can get online time should be monitored. A good idea would be to set a timer for the amount of time that you can spend online.
I hope that some if these ideas and suggestions help others to become more aware. Be courteous of others and make time to actually spend talking with your family.
Honey Stivers


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