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I’m Honey Stivers, and yes Honey is my given name.  I don’t know how I really got the name because I am adopted.  I know that when I was adopted at the age of 6, I wanted to change it and my parents said no because you are our Honey. I am a true southern girl, born and raised.I am a 5’2″ blonde haired, brown eyed, 38 year old wife, mother, lab scientist, and entrepreneur. (CHAOTIC & CRAZY TO SAY THE LEAST!)  I am originally from west Tennessee but I have grown up in Mississippi most of my life. I enjoy the outdoors and the country life.  We have several acres of land that are accessible to us.  We ride four wheelers, hunt, fish, and often go trail riding. My other hobbies include traveling, spending time with my family, watching ballgames,reading  and attending concerts. I have a very outgoing personality and I’ve been told that I never meet a stranger.  I sometimes talk entirely too much, but I enjoy meeting new people. i am very down to earth and what you see is what you get with me.  I have a very big heart and I am very loyal to the ones that I love.  My downfall is that I also am not very good at hiding what I am thinking and I tend to forgive but not forget. i am trying to work on this aspect of my life through several motivational outlets that include books, webcasts, and seminars. I encourage everyone to try to improve on yourself.

I’ve been married for 20 years to Robert Stivers from Arkansas. We met at a horse show in the late summer before my senior year of high school and we have been together ever since. Most people thought we were crazy when we married a month after I graduated. He no longer trains TN Walking horses  but now trains hunting dogs.  Our daughter, Kristen, came along 8 years after the wedding and she is the best thing that ever happened to both of us.  She is a beautiful, very smart, and talented 12 year old. She makes excellent grades and is very devoted to school. She is a member of the Beta club, IG (intellectually gifted)program,  chorus, FCA, and the cross country team. She makes my job of being mom much easier, I guess that is why we only have one.

I am a senior at University of Cincinnati and I am currently trying to receive my BS degree in Clinical Lab Science.  I work second shift at Magnolia Regional Health Center ( as a Medical Laboratory Technician. I have worked there since 2000. I decided to go back to college in order to make more money and hopefully move to a dayshift position.  Throughout this journey, I have often wondered, “Will it be worth it?”

I have a very busy life with school, work, and family but I’m a bit of an overachiever and earlier this year became a LIMU promoter.  I absolutely love the company and the people.  Limu offers 3 main health products that promote better health and a better life. They are Limu original, Limu Lean, and Blu-Frog healthy energy drink.  I would honestly love to just do LIMU full time.  The ability to help others and change lives is intoxicating and addicting. I encourage everyone to just go to my website or the company’s website. The sites are and If you are interested in changing your life let me know.

I had been out of college for 16 years when I decided to go back for my bachelor’s degree. I haven’t taken an English class in about 17 years.  I once thought I was a very good English student but have since had my doubts.  So much has changed about communicating and writing.  I don’t have too many problems with the basics and grammar but I seem to struggle with the technology side of it.  There are so many sources and references available to a writer in today’s world. The last research paper I wrote, we actually had to go to the local library, use the card catalog, use index cards, and use a typewriter in order to finish the assignment. We had months to work on this and it served a huge part of our grade and if you didn’t do a research paper you could not graduate.  Jean Foust was my senior English teacher and she was very tough but I respected her and her opinion tremendously.  I was one of only a handful of students to make an A on their research paper.   This class does somewhat scare me though.  I have reservations about the group project and all of the time consuming writings.  I prefer to just write about random things and feelings.  Hopefully throughout this course I will manage to stay afloat.  For it has been awhile since my research involved anything besides medical or lab stuff.

Thanks for reading

Honey Stivers

**This was revised and put in better paragraph form that is easier to follow.  The information is  more in detail about myself and my family.  I hope to express more of myself and let readers get to know me and my lifestyle better.  I elaborated on my jobs, interests, and family.  I also explained more of where my concerns for this class were coming from.  The paper was almost totally revamped. I’m sure this is not the end of it however.


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