Reflection Point #4

Reflection Point #4

This semester has passed rather quickly when I think back to all the writing processes that I have encountered. This class has challenged me but has been very rewarding. Prior to this class, it had been several years since I had actually been exposed to an actual writing class. Many things have changed since my last English composition class. I have been introduced to many new forms of writing and composing. I must say that after I adjusted to the new alleyways, I have found it very rewarding and on many levels simplified. I have been a student at University of Cincinnati for almost two years and I was familiar with how Blackboard worked but it seems that each class is structured differently. I have learned multiple ways of submitting papers and assignments.
I was challenged when it came to writing a blog and using WordPress. The idea that so many others could view my thoughts terrified me. I related it to public speaking even though the people were not right in front of me. I was forced to analyze and think about what I was writing and how I was expressing my thoughts to others. Many times I would over analyze things and panic when I really didn’t need to. After all, it is my blog. In my opinion, the online tools we used had their advantages and disadvantages. Being from the south, I use a lot of southern dialect in my writing and sometimes this isn’t always understood by everyone. I felt that I had to make my writings easy to understand for others not from my area. It was rewarding to see comments on my writings. I struggled and I am still struggling with the setup process of this. I want viewers to be able to follow my thoughts and I want the layout appealing to others and easy to follow. I found myself changing the theme several times.
It’s hard to say what my favorite environment was but I feel that the Foodie Journal was the easiest for me to write. I had not written or kept a journal in years and this made me analyze and think about food and how it affects my daily life. It was a personal journey for me. I enjoyed learning new ways of producing food and my favorite was learning about Joel Salatin and Polyface Farm. The hardest skills to me were learning about genres and infographics.
The group project taught me a lot. I learned that you have to be prepared for others not to fulfill their obligations and I learned how to manage my time more effectively. We had deadlines and I knew others were depending on me to do my part. Although the good thing was that I had others to turn to and ask questions when I wasn’t sure about how to do something. I had never designed a website and I had no idea where to start. There would have been no way that I could have done this project alone. My group worked well together and although we never met face to face, we corresponded by emails, texts, and phone calls. We made every decision as a team and I believe the outcome was very good. Could we have done things differently or made it better? Sure, hindsight is always 20/20. There is always room for improvement and nothing is ever perfect.
The ePortfolio has also been a struggle for me. The writings have come somewhat easy but the setup is what I have struggled with. I was not accustomed to planning a layout before writing or writing for different viewers. In the past, all of my writings have either been for my own satisfaction or an instructor. I had never thought about a true audience. This has made me think in much more detail and critique myself much more. I want others to see and feel what I see and feel. This has not always been an easy task. The journey has been stressful, yet rewarding.
I believe this class has helped me become a more powerful and better writer. I have adapted to the new era of writing. I have learned that writing is a powerful tool and one that should not be taken lightly. Producing quality writing that is on the web for the whole world to see has been a scary, yet rewarding process. I am thankful for all of the assistance and guidance that I have received. I still have a long way to go before I would consider myself an effective writer but this class has made a significant impact on my improvement. The work we have done in the multiple environments has taught me patience and perseverance. I feel that I have grown as a person and a writer through this journey.

Thanks to all that helped along this journey,
Honey G. Stivers


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