Reflections of the group project

Wow I can’t believe that the time has went by so quickly this semester. I remember seeing those dreaded words, “Group Project”, on our basic introduction to the English class. I can’t begin to tell the emotions of feelings I had from the start. How in the world do I work with people I won’t see? How will this project get done? I have no idea what I’m doing in this class. These were just a few thoughts from the first day.

After the initial shock and fear wore off, I began realize this was not a choice. It was required and I must make the best of it. I was the first to join a group and I chose a website design of a restaurant. I chose this because it seemed somewhat crafty and fun and creative. Three others quickly joined the group and we began swapping emails, telephone numbers, skype accounts and such. Most of the group (3/4) seemed eager to get to work and began tossing around ideas. No one in our group had ever done anything like this before. We set up a list of ideas and let the others choose. Silence was taken as acceptance. I came up with the theme of the restaurant, Bradley came up with the name and Britnee came up with the infographics and was great at adding pictures to the menu. Brandon assigned everyone a task and also made himself available and accountable. We encountered standard problems throughout the course but as a team we overcame them. We made mistakes and we learned from them. It wasn’t easy, at least not from my viewpoint. I encountered time restraints, internet issues, and computer problems. I realized early on that I would not have been able to do this task alone. Teamwork was a valuable tool.
In hindsight, I wish I would have had several more hours to devote to the site. I believe that it is a functional site and looks very appealing. However, I am a procrastinator and end up feeling rushed when time constraints get close. I enjoyed the new experience of creating a site and building the menu, but I have no plans to go out and start a restaurant. I like working behind the scenes and not having to deal with the public very often.
Public relations and management are two areas that I feel weak and somewhat incompetent in. You wouldn’t know it by meeting me but public speaking makes me a nervous wreck. I hope that our site reflects the work we as a team put in it. It was a definite learning experience but in the process I made new friends and realized more can get done when a team is organized. The responsibilities were equally distributed and all members were willing to help each other. I hope that our site is enjoyable to others. Please go check it out! It’s Megalodon’s Bar & Grill –
Thanks for reading and please let feedback.
Honey S


2 thoughts on “Reflections of the group project

  1. I also like projects that allow me the opportunity creative. It’s so interesting to read about what it was like for you to make the fictional restaurant project. My group made the research project site, and we had similar issues-but as I read other peoples’ responses, it seems like almost every group has had some sort of mishap with communication and/or would want to do something differently. Your group did a great job, and I really enjoy reading your writing. The fictional restaurant is great, and it’s awesome to see your creative ideas!

  2. This was a fun project. It was good working with you, and hope our website gets a good grade! We had our troubles, but in the end came out with a good product.

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