My Discourse Community- Limu Nation

I was introduced to Limu in April, when some friends called me up and told me about an opportunity. The opportunity was to change my life and the lives of my family and friends. A week after joining I attended a Limu training in Florence, Alabama. There I met some of the top leaders in the company. They were very welcoming to everyone. Limu is a 9 year old debt free company. They promote better health and a better way of life.
The Limu community radiates positivity and everyone and anyone is welcome. Do you have a desire to be more? Would you like to change your life? Limu has changed the lives of hairdressers, drummers, car salesmen, bus drivers, coaches, and stay-at-home moms, just to name a few. You can join, get 3 people to join your business and get your full investment back. It’s all about sharing the experience. It’s not a stuffy office meeting or selling things from your car. The only real rules is to always help others even if it doesn’t directly help you or your team and share your limu experience with as many people as possible.
The first thing that any of the leaders tell you is to first start with yourself. If your not happy and upbeat, then how do you expect others to be. Optimism is critical within the community, and they are wonderful and inspirational in promoting this. A good attitude starts from the inside. Positive energy is contagious but has to be a constant in your life. My whole personal outlook has improved since joining. I’ve improved mentally and physically. I no longer have migraines since starting on Limu original and Blu-Frog energy drink. I’ve lost 20lbs and my joint pain has diminished. I also get paid 5 times a month just for sharing the experience with others. How would you like to drive a free BMW? Gary Raser, the founding CEO of LIMU, does not have to have the money. He could go retire and play golf everyday but instead he has a desire to help others turn their lives around. He also loves rewarding others for a job well done such as iPads, trips, and money.
Limu nation doesn’t care how you dress or what color your hair is.None of us care about your educational or financial background. We have hair dressers, professional drummers, recording artists, bus drivers, coaches, plumbers, farmers, horse trainers, and stay at home moms in the business. It is growing by leaps and bounds. The one requirement that is necessary, it to be WILLING to WORK There are people that are promoters from all ages, races, genders, and all walks of life. I encourage EVERYONE to visit my website and It has changed my life, my families lives, and I feel that is my duty to help others. Everyone deserves to be happy and feel better- you owe it to yourself to BE MORE!

If anyone needs more information on Limu please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


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