Digital writing vs Analog writing

First off, let me say that I am 38 years old. I grew up in the era of typing class. I actually went to the library and did my research for my research paper with the help of a card catalog filled with small index-like cards. I’ve discovered that while there are things that I love about the new modern technology and how we can write and record anything from almost anywhere there is a part of me that misses the personal touch of hand writing.
The pen and paper method usually started with a spiral bound notebook and ended several scribbles or pages later. This might get done hurriedly or it may be days later. There was a lot of time that went into completing a writing assignment. It also had to be legible and this proved a huge problem for some. Most of the papers that I was responsible for in school had to written in blue or black ink and the paper had to be wide-ruled. White out was not, if a mistake was made then you drew one line through it and continued on. I often was known to rewrite my papers just because they weren’t “perfect”.
I’ve since learned that PERFECTION is way over-rated. I do still worry and get over-whelmed but digital writing has made all of our lives easier. We can go almost anywhere and send a text message or write a letter just by pulling our phones out. I think that this is a great advancement but at the same time I think that all this new digital and technological information has hurt us as a nation. I catch myself having to “THINK” about simple things. My thought process is more detailed and longer than conventional methods.The actual writing turns out smoother and looks a lot neater than my handwriting. I’ve found that in some cases (NOT IN THIS ENGLISH CLASS) the instructors, do not get in touch with you in a timely manner.
It depends on what I’m doing or how I am feeling but I actually like both methods. I’ve been known to write poetry on a napkin. I have even called my own personal phone and left myself a message when a good song or poetry idea popped into my head. I think that both methods actually complement each other.
Hope you enjoyed reading my post,
Honey Stivers


2 thoughts on “Digital writing vs Analog writing

  1. I agree that in different situations writing with pen and paper and doing a writing assignment on the computer can each be beneficial. I personally like writing in pen and paper when I am brainstorming, taking notes and writing informally. I prefer typing when I am writing a full on paper for a class. I do think that the incoming of technology has made people feel the need to make their writing perfect and technology does in fact make it easier because of things like grammar and spell check.

  2. I also enjoy writing songs and poetry with pen and paper. I also tend to compose my assignments for this class with a pen and paper before I type them on my computer. I’ve always thought that handwriting gives character to peoples’ words and ideas. However, I also agree with you that technology provides for quick writing, recording, research, etc. I’m glad that there are others out there that still appreciate hand-writing compositions with a paper and pen!

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