Time is relative…..

Funny thing about time…. when we are having fun it seems to fly and when we are not it seems to drag on and on forever. There have been times this semester that it has honestly flown by and others that have taken an eternity. I’ve not taken a writing course in several years and I must say that I have never had a class quite like this. It has been unique. I’ve learned a lot about college writing in this class but not in the same way that I thought I would. I’ve learned things about food and agriculture that I never would have had I not taken this class. I learned to blog! My page isn’t quite as good as I hope for it to be but maybe it will get better. I had group work and projects. It’s been somewhat of a roller coaster. I struggled and got down and out several times. However Dr. A is a phenomenal teacher and an understanding, patient person. She also was available and made my anxiety issues much more tolerable. She is sneaky though, she made us learn and have fun at the same time. The weeks have been consumed with this and that due and deadlines.

The time recently changed and with the holidays fast approaching, it seems that I don’t have time for a breath. I work 40+ hours a week, take 3 classes online, have a husband and a 13 yr old daughter. Each of my days is planned out throughout the week around school and work. I’m looking forward to Christmas break and I feel that I need a mental break also.

Holding my chin above water,
Honey Stivers


Reflections of the group project

Wow I can’t believe that the time has went by so quickly this semester. I remember seeing those dreaded words, “Group Project”, on our basic introduction to the English class. I can’t begin to tell the emotions of feelings I had from the start. How in the world do I work with people I won’t see? How will this project get done? I have no idea what I’m doing in this class. These were just a few thoughts from the first day.

After the initial shock and fear wore off, I began realize this was not a choice. It was required and I must make the best of it. I was the first to join a group and I chose a website design of a restaurant. I chose this because it seemed somewhat crafty and fun and creative. Three others quickly joined the group and we began swapping emails, telephone numbers, skype accounts and such. Most of the group (3/4) seemed eager to get to work and began tossing around ideas. No one in our group had ever done anything like this before. We set up a list of ideas and let the others choose. Silence was taken as acceptance. I came up with the theme of the restaurant, Bradley came up with the name and Britnee came up with the infographics and was great at adding pictures to the menu. Brandon assigned everyone a task and also made himself available and accountable. We encountered standard problems throughout the course but as a team we overcame them. We made mistakes and we learned from them. It wasn’t easy, at least not from my viewpoint. I encountered time restraints, internet issues, and computer problems. I realized early on that I would not have been able to do this task alone. Teamwork was a valuable tool.
In hindsight, I wish I would have had several more hours to devote to the site. I believe that it is a functional site and looks very appealing. However, I am a procrastinator and end up feeling rushed when time constraints get close. I enjoyed the new experience of creating a site and building the menu, but I have no plans to go out and start a restaurant. I like working behind the scenes and not having to deal with the public very often.
Public relations and management are two areas that I feel weak and somewhat incompetent in. You wouldn’t know it by meeting me but public speaking makes me a nervous wreck. I hope that our site reflects the work we as a team put in it. It was a definite learning experience but in the process I made new friends and realized more can get done when a team is organized. The responsibilities were equally distributed and all members were willing to help each other. I hope that our site is enjoyable to others. Please go check it out! It’s Megalodon’s Bar & Grill – http://bdyeazel.wix.com/group-project
Thanks for reading and please let feedback.
Honey S

Digital writing vs Analog writing

First off, let me say that I am 38 years old. I grew up in the era of typing class. I actually went to the library and did my research for my research paper with the help of a card catalog filled with small index-like cards. I’ve discovered that while there are things that I love about the new modern technology and how we can write and record anything from almost anywhere there is a part of me that misses the personal touch of hand writing.
The pen and paper method usually started with a spiral bound notebook and ended several scribbles or pages later. This might get done hurriedly or it may be days later. There was a lot of time that went into completing a writing assignment. It also had to be legible and this proved a huge problem for some. Most of the papers that I was responsible for in school had to written in blue or black ink and the paper had to be wide-ruled. White out was not, if a mistake was made then you drew one line through it and continued on. I often was known to rewrite my papers just because they weren’t “perfect”.
I’ve since learned that PERFECTION is way over-rated. I do still worry and get over-whelmed but digital writing has made all of our lives easier. We can go almost anywhere and send a text message or write a letter just by pulling our phones out. I think that this is a great advancement but at the same time I think that all this new digital and technological information has hurt us as a nation. I catch myself having to “THINK” about simple things. My thought process is more detailed and longer than conventional methods.The actual writing turns out smoother and looks a lot neater than my handwriting. I’ve found that in some cases (NOT IN THIS ENGLISH CLASS) the instructors, do not get in touch with you in a timely manner.
It depends on what I’m doing or how I am feeling but I actually like both methods. I’ve been known to write poetry on a napkin. I have even called my own personal phone and left myself a message when a good song or poetry idea popped into my head. I think that both methods actually complement each other.
Hope you enjoyed reading my post,
Honey Stivers

My Discourse Community- Limu Nation

I was introduced to Limu in April, when some friends called me up and told me about an opportunity. The opportunity was to change my life and the lives of my family and friends. A week after joining I attended a Limu training in Florence, Alabama. There I met some of the top leaders in the company. They were very welcoming to everyone. Limu is a 9 year old debt free company. They promote better health and a better way of life.
The Limu community radiates positivity and everyone and anyone is welcome. Do you have a desire to be more? Would you like to change your life? Limu has changed the lives of hairdressers, drummers, car salesmen, bus drivers, coaches, and stay-at-home moms, just to name a few. You can join, get 3 people to join your business and get your full investment back. It’s all about sharing the experience. It’s not a stuffy office meeting or selling things from your car. The only real rules is to always help others even if it doesn’t directly help you or your team and share your limu experience with as many people as possible.
The first thing that any of the leaders tell you is to first start with yourself. If your not happy and upbeat, then how do you expect others to be. Optimism is critical within the community, and they are wonderful and inspirational in promoting this. A good attitude starts from the inside. Positive energy is contagious but has to be a constant in your life. My whole personal outlook has improved since joining. I’ve improved mentally and physically. I no longer have migraines since starting on Limu original and Blu-Frog energy drink. I’ve lost 20lbs and my joint pain has diminished. I also get paid 5 times a month just for sharing the experience with others. How would you like to drive a free BMW? Gary Raser, the founding CEO of LIMU, does not have to have the money. He could go retire and play golf everyday but instead he has a desire to help others turn their lives around. He also loves rewarding others for a job well done such as iPads, trips, and money.
Limu nation doesn’t care how you dress or what color your hair is.None of us care about your educational or financial background. We have hair dressers, professional drummers, recording artists, bus drivers, coaches, plumbers, farmers, horse trainers, and stay at home moms in the business. It is growing by leaps and bounds. The one requirement that is necessary, it to be WILLING to WORK There are people that are promoters from all ages, races, genders, and all walks of life. I encourage EVERYONE to visit my website wwww.honeystivers.iamlimu.com and http://www.mylimuexperience.com. It has changed my life, my families lives, and I feel that is my duty to help others. Everyone deserves to be happy and feel better- you owe it to yourself to BE MORE!

If anyone needs more information on Limu please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.