What habits of mind or personal characteristics are essential for college writers?

Writing in college differs greatly from writing in high school. The standards are much higher as well as the expectations. This in turn leads to changing the habits or personal characteristics of oneself. Upon entering college, one should be mature enough to understand what is expected and what should be done. Reading and writing skills need to above average to be very successful in college writing. Writers need to have the ability to adapt and change their tone depending on what is expected. The writing cannot be spur of the moment or hastily done. Planning and preparation should be done in advance of all due dates. Writers should understand their audience and have a goal in their writing.

Writers should exhibit and explore moods. Readers enjoy being a part of something and when a writer opens up or expresses the situation, the more interest is sparked.

Get to the point:
No matter what the topic is that is being assigned or addressed, the writer needs to be able to construe their point. The writer needs to state the most important thing he/she wants to say. (Ex. I want to explain/ prove/show/argue/tell whatever the point).

In order for one to gain respect, one must also give respect. Writers should be respectful of a series of things including but not limited to: deadlines, correct grammar/spelling, others criticism, others opinions or beliefs.

College writers should not be afraid to explore. There is a vast world waiting to be found by those brave enough to try.


2 thoughts on “What habits of mind or personal characteristics are essential for college writers?

  1. Your view on what makes a good college writer is spot on in my opinion. I always try and include a tone of personality in my writing. I don’t see the point of writing anything if I cannot express myself in the process. We are bottled up way too much in our daily lives and are unable to express ourselves in most cases the way we would like. Writing gives you that opportunity. Respect is something that is difficult to judge. What one person finds acceptable another may find offensive. This happens with me quite frequently because of how I express myself. The way I see it, if you don’t like it don’t read it. By the way, your last statement is very profound. Is that one you came up with or did you read that somewhere. Trying to find a term to complete the assignment I came up with Hyperbole:
    Exaggeration for effect. A vast world can be considered an exaggeration these days since the world is at your fingertips.

  2. College writing is a discipline that should never be approached with a juvenile mind. I totally agree with you when you stated a certain amount of majority must come when starting college and being apart of an English class. Writing is the most important tool any student carries on a daily basis and any student who is careless with it will regret this decision in the end.
    I also agree with your three tips for college writing. Every writer has to be open to expressing their selves and their imagination to grasp the readers attention. Also no reader wants to read about off the topic paragraphs, so all writers should practice at staying on the point and topic at all times and do their best not to wonder off the subject at hand.

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