Fictional restaurant-What’s our purpose? What do I bring to this project? What’s our goals?

I have never thought of myself as a business entreprenauer, much less owner and designer of the newest seafood bar & restaurant.  I am much more of a behind the scenes person.  I enjoy talking to people and I am considered very social, however when it comes to performing a task, I am a loner.  When I first found out that this assignment was a group project, i was terrified.  I have been “burned” in the past when i depended on someone else to do a task. I also do not make a good order giver when it comes to assignments.  I can give orders at home all day long but do not like being boss.   Since researching what is expected however, I realize that without the help of the others there is no way, I can do it alone.  I have a heavy class load this semester, I work full-time, and I have a family including a 12 year daughter.  My life is crazy. 

My group includes Bradley Y, Britnee C, and Brandon C.  Bradley has kept in constant communication with the rest of us and this helps tremendously. He has given each of us task that are all separated fairly. The ideas have all been shared and everyone’s opinion has been asked. qI exchanged the idea of a seafood or beach side restaurant.  I recently visited the Florida coast and ate at McGuires, AJ’s, and Dewey Destins.  The atmosphere was fun, the food was fabulous, and the prices were all affordable.  The places all seem to serve as a temporary escape from reality, where there is never enough time to do everything.  The employees were all cheerful and helpful, setting aside their own life problems while they earned money.

My responsibility of the project is to come up with ways for our restaurant to control waste and this in turn saves money.  I also am responsible for creating the menu.  I am anxious about this endeavor and find it fun but at the same time nerve-racking.  I want to create good quality food and also provide good quantity without being wasteful.  I believe with everyone’s effort our restaurant will thrive and be very successful. We hope to provide an escape for people to have a healthy, fun, and affordable place to eat.  We also want to contribute to the community and incorporate innovative and cost efficient ways to acquire our own food for our restaurant.




What habits of mind or personal characteristics are essential for college writers?

Writing in college differs greatly from writing in high school. The standards are much higher as well as the expectations. This in turn leads to changing the habits or personal characteristics of oneself. Upon entering college, one should be mature enough to understand what is expected and what should be done. Reading and writing skills need to above average to be very successful in college writing. Writers need to have the ability to adapt and change their tone depending on what is expected. The writing cannot be spur of the moment or hastily done. Planning and preparation should be done in advance of all due dates. Writers should understand their audience and have a goal in their writing.

Writers should exhibit and explore moods. Readers enjoy being a part of something and when a writer opens up or expresses the situation, the more interest is sparked.

Get to the point:
No matter what the topic is that is being assigned or addressed, the writer needs to be able to construe their point. The writer needs to state the most important thing he/she wants to say. (Ex. I want to explain/ prove/show/argue/tell whatever the point).

In order for one to gain respect, one must also give respect. Writers should be respectful of a series of things including but not limited to: deadlines, correct grammar/spelling, others criticism, others opinions or beliefs.

College writers should not be afraid to explore. There is a vast world waiting to be found by those brave enough to try.