College-level Research

I’ve been asked to say what I think college-level research is.  What is the purpose of college-level research? What past projects have you completed that best exemplify this type of research?  For me those are tough questions.  I am not an education or English major.  I am a Medical Lab Scientist major and most of my “research” is quite different.  I think that research on a college level is overall trying to show people that you have to sometimes dig deeper.  It is not a form of punishment or a way to “waste” time.  The answers are not always clear cut and easy, just as life’s problems & answers aren’t either.  Research requires focus and perseverance.  The research conducted can now come from a multitude of sources.  The only other time I really had to write a true research paper was my senior year in high school.  I made an A on that paper.  It was way back in the day when we didn’t have internet and we had to go to the library and actually use the card catalog to find things. 

Let me also quickly say that “Google” is not research.  However, it can lead you to many sources of information.  The work that goes into actual research  can be stressful, time consuming, mind draining and lengthy.  Research requires time and effort.  It cannot be thrown together in a night or two.  Most good research involves several people and several different viewpoints, but you do have to give credit where credit is due.  When doing research, you have to have and list creditable sources.  You have to be knowledgeable about your research material and the basics of of grammar and correct form should already be known.  College research requires more “deep thought” process than your high school research paper. Thanks to the world wide web, most of this can be done without leaving your home.

Honey Stivers 


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