2 different writing genres-

2 different writings from 2 different genres
Memoir of Alec Jeffreys

Quality of Life vs Quantity of Life

I chose the two past writings because they show a great deal of effort, thought, and variety of my part. They each were written last year for the same class. In the first paper, I had to pretend to be Alec Jeffreys, the famous scientist responsible for DNA fingerprinting. I had to explain in short detail what I had done, thank those that influenced my career and how I thought this would impact others. I had to research past achievements and then look at how that affected someone more recently. It was difficult putting myself in someone else’s shoes and trying to think how they would have. When I thought of writing a memoir, I thought wow, people will read this when I’m dead. How do people do that? It was interesting learning how we continue to build on things that were invented or realized years ago. It made me realize that what we do really does affect others.

The second paper was written more as a persuasive paper. I was trying to convince my audience to at least be prepared for their departure. They should realize that death is inevitable and state their wishes ahead of time so that family members are not faced with that. Several pieces had to be read ahead of time and it took several different views on the subject of dying. I also had to think of my family and myself. This piece was more difficult to write because of the nature of the text. I had to analyze myself and my views on death and dying.

Although each paper did earn me an A, I enjoyed writing the second paper more. It was more difficult but at the same time, I feel that it was more personal. The first paper was lighter in mood and more informative and reflective. Each paper had value and I learned from both experiences. I realized that when writing we automatically think of who is reading or listening. We want them to enjoy our words, feel and think the way we do or learn something from what we are saying.

Honey Stivers


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